Why Buy With Us?

Why Buy With Us?

Malles Construction


Our pricing is based on the guideline value of the area where our project is situated. This value is based on the distance from the main road i.e. if the area is closer to the main road, the value will be higher in comparison with the area which is situated far away from the main road. The same procedure is adopted by landowners who demand a higher price, if the land is situated closer to the main road. All these factors are considered at the time of arriving at the cost of an apartment. Then, cost of materials, labour and a reasonable profit margin are added before arriving at the cost price. We maintain high quality standards while procuring the building materials and no comprise is made in this aspect. That is one of the reasons we are an ISO 14001 and 18001 and a 5 star CRISIL rated company.

About Us :

We have been in this building industry for more than 3 decades specialising in building apartments using the latest materials for increasing the strength and longevity of our buildings apart from making it earthquake resistant. We have weathered many market fluctuations making us one of the very few builders who continue to exist against all odds in this industry. We have completed more than 120 projects with 5000 happy families which keeps growing with passage of time. All our customers have reposed faith in us by becoming repeat customers buying additional apartments and spreading a good word about the quality of our buildings. Our main sources of advertisement are our customers who spread information about us to others by word of mouth.


Quality of Construction :

We maintain high construction quality standards as we do not outsource the entire construction activity by handing over to a contractor. All the construction materials are provided by us to the labour contractors who have worked for us for more than 25 years. The contractors train their labour force according to our requirements before they are deployed so that the building is completed as per high quality standards set by us. Our team of well-trained engineers closely monitor the work carried out by the workers. It is one of the few companies’ where the top executives visit the site on a regular basis to monitor the progress made. This indicates our sense of involvement and our passion to offer our best product to our customers.

Sentiment :

Our company is one of the few who conduct a puja on an auspicious day when the main door frames are installed. We do this with the intention that all our customers should live a healthy, long and prosperous life once they occupy their apartment. Vaasthu is given its due importance and as far as possible it is incorporated in most of the apartments. This makes us stand apart from other builders whom we do not consider as our competitors.


Choice of Site :

Before choosing a site for our projects, top executives visit a proposed site giving importance to its location, proximity to schools/colleges, hospitals, accessibility to public transport and above all availability of potable ground water. In all our projects which are in the outskirts of the city, our focus has been on availability of abundant potable ground water. There will be no need to buy water either for construction purpose or the residents to buy water at any point of time. Our rain water harvesting system recharges the ground level of water during monsoon and hence the need to buy water should not arise. The need to install water treatment plant will not be necessary as the TDS levels are checked from the bore well and normal well before buying the land from the owners.

Adherence to CMDA guidelines/approval :

We strictly adhere to the RERA,CMDA or DTCP norms and there has never been an occasion where we have been questioned for any violations by the respective regulatory bodies. The completion certificates are handed over to the owners on time though at times it could be delayed for reasons beyond our control.


Modifications/Alterations :

We accommodate minor modifications which are not covered in the specifications list like fixing additional electrical points, shifting the wash basin from the living room to one of the toilets, removing a partition wall without affecting the structure of the building etc. All these changes are carried out at a reasonable cost.

Handing over of apartments :

We adhere to a strict schedule to handover the apartments within the stipulated time frame or before the completion of the grace period, which is a rarity. Due to extraneous factors like manpower, materials shortage, natural calamities and delayed approvals from the government regulatory bodies, the handing over of the apartments may be delayed.


Transparency :

Transparency is of paramount importance to us in our operations. There are no hidden costs /charges and the customers are made to feel comfortable by our marketing team who handover a list of the charges collected apart from the basic cost of the apartment outlining the reasons why these charges are collected. Our marketing team are available 24 X 7 to clarify all the doubts of our customers. The customers, who have booked apartments and have started to pay the instalments in stages based on the progress made, are allowed to visit the site at periodic intervals. This gives a sense of satisfaction to our customers who have imposed faith in us by investing in an apartment.

Security of investment :

A customer is made to feel comfortable with a sense of assurance that his/her hard earned money is in safe hands and his/her investment is undoubtedly value for money. Our credentials speak for it and there is no need for any hesitation on the part of a customer to decide in favour of investing in an apartment with us.

Malles group extends a warm welcome to investors to join the families who are already reaping the benefits of investing in our projects to lead a peaceful, happy and prosperous life.


Amenities Offered:

Amenities provided by us depend on the size of each project. You will agree, unless we have ample space available, we will not be in a position to offer more, if not better amenities. The equipment provided for each area is sophisticated, excellent in quality and should last for good number of years. As far as “Aashira” project is concerned, we have made an earnest effort to provide a world class club house which contains a basic but luxurious swimming pool on the roof top, an unique air-conditioned gymnasium, an indoor play area with badminton court, a multipurpose hall with guest suites, children day care centre and space for a cafeteria. This does not end here and a list of other facilities are indicated in our brochures

Maintenance for the first few years after handover:

Your home may be the biggest investment you will ever make. Taking care of it with maintenance is essential to preserve its value. Any work concerning maintenance will be attended to promptly by us during the first few years after handover. As a goodwill gesture and show of commitment from our side, we assure all customers of our continued support at all times.


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