Bright colours this rainy season

Many Chennai builders might have trouble with construction of their new flats in Chennai during monsoon. Though that is the story on one hand, monsoon makeovers are fun!

As the skies start getting darker and murkier, it is time to start adding colour to your home to keep you and your family happy and chirpy when the rain sets in. Here are five basic ways to not only add colour but also to make your home look bright and vibrant this monsoon.

Mix it up correctly
When considering adding bright or bold colours to wake a room up, use the 80/20 rule — this means that you should mix in 80 per cent neutrals to prevent overwhelming the room. When adding colour, you should think of 'pops' of colour. So, if you have a wall painted in fuchsia pink, try and keep the other accessories neutral in the house. But if you follow the 20 per cent rule, you can throw in a few blankets, shades, lamps and rugs or even have a piece of furniture in a vibrant shade to add some hue.

Compliment your upholstery
While bright colours make your interiors look lovely, it has to in some way or the other compliment the interiors of your house so that it makes the rooms of your home look bigger. If you have bright pink walls in your home, you can add off-white or pale blue cushions to your sofa.

Choose from a wide range of warm and cool colours
Yes, bright colours in one's house gives a positive feeling which one can feel once you enter the house.!

If you're just getting started, it's helpful to be able to differentiate between warm colours (reds, yellows, oranges, etc) and cool colours (blues, greens, greys, etc) and to use them separately. However, mixing cool and warm is a complicated affair and can easily go wrong. 

Choose a colour shade according to the season
While bright colours make your room look vibrant all through the year, it is important to choose a colour shade according to the season. For example, colours like yellow, orange or pink can uplift your mood in monsoons, similarly blue, green, pale pink make you feel good in summers.


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