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Suburban areas are getting great attention with regards to realty development. Many 2BHK flats in Manapakkam, Perumbakkam and various other fast developing areas have good appreciation value. Buying a good home is easy but having a home with nice vibrations might be difficult. Here are few tips for you to have positive vibrations in your house.


The fundamental and the most important aspect of FengShuiis to help people live in harmony with their immediate surroundings. Living in harmony with your environment will ensure that stress is alleviated and contributes towards the beneficial energies in your life. Stand near your home, and observe how it looks and what feelings you experience.


In FengShui, each sector of your home is connected to a specific area of your life. For example, east area of your space is responsible for the energy of health and family, while southwest area is for love, relationships and marriage. Hence, ensure that each of the sectors within the home is not cluttered. The house should have a shape which is stable, balanced, and smooth, and the roof should not be too steep or slope all the way to the ground. The main entrance affects your fortunes. It is recommended that it faces the direction of positive energy flow for the bread winner.


Kitchen is an important area as there is an activity of elements like fire, water, metal, etc, and it is associated with health and livelihood of the family. It should have a proper layout, and be located in the right sector. The stove and the sink should be placed and oriented properly. And, it should be shielded from the front door entrance.


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