Kids Room Decoration

The kids’ room is difficult to manage in any home, be it an individual house or budget flats in Chennai. Here are few decoration tips to make your kid’s room look awesome!



Give special attention to colour and texture of wall paint, furniture such as study table, cupboard, coat racks, closet, bed, and benches, chalkboard, corkboard, pin-up board, night lamp and decorative objects. All these should be chosen considering the children's age, their imagination and keeping their colour choice in mind. Closet storage, benches and coat racks are used more often if kids can reach them easily.


Creative space

Kids enjoy decorating their room with removable wall transfers or wall tattoos. Hanging strings or clipping an interactive border in front of a window is eye catching.

Kids love to decorate their rooms with their favourite cartoon characters. Their favourite toys teddy bears, planes, and wind chimes can be hung from the ceiling so that they can see them while sleeping. Decorate their room with family photos, and charts and posters of their choice.


Colour and texture

Use non-toxic, water based paint to put the child's handprint in the border and observe their growth. Multiple types of lighting can be employed here. Use washable paints so that your child can give free rein to your imagination and creativity on the walls.


Design a cupboard such that it can be used to store their story books, drawing books, music player, paint box, colours, stickers, and other knick knacks.

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