Green Garden in Summer

People in Chennai are turning towards green concepts and everyone tends to have small gardens in their home. Whatever the size of the living space, be it individual homes in Injambakkam or flats in Mannivakkam or Villas in OMR, people try incorporating greenery into their homes. Here are few tips for keep your plats fresh this summer

Measured water session
There's a norm that gardens should be watered at least thrice a day in summers, but the reality is otherwise. The secret behind healthy and lush green feel of a garden is to manage the water session well. Do not over water the plants due to the heat because that will damage the roots. Have the normal water amount but try methods to make the soil retain the moisture.

Keep your greens healthy
While measuring the water session is essential for the survival of the plants in summers, use of compost is equally important to keep the plants healthy, hydrated and fresh. Plants tend to wither easily in summer. Cover the top layer of the soil with decaying leaves, bark and compost which provide extra fertilizers for the soil and also help retain the moisture during daytime. Pebbles can also help retain the moisture in soil.

Add colours to your garden
If you feel that your garden has a rather tired look, give your yard a splash of colour by adding flowers that bloom only in summer. They will be easy to manage in summer and also give a pleasant look to your garden.

Regular trimming
Another simple step that gardening enthusiasts swear by is covering the garden with green shade and weekly trimming to protect the plants from drying. Trim the plants on a weekly basis. Try covering the garden with a shade in the afternoon to protect it from the sweltering heat. Morning and evening, the plant needs to get ample sunlight to make it retain its freshness.


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