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Buying a house might seem difficult but builders like Malles Constructions make sure that you have a smooth and easy home-buying experience. Their great apartments in Perumbakkam, T. Nagar and other areas are sure to give you the best of lifestyle.

Moving into your new house, whether it one of the Perumbakkam flats or any  other home can be a bit difficult. Here are few steps which will make your move much easier!

Pack the stuff in slots, name them into categories

Slot the things out into living room, bedroom, kids’ room, and kitchen and bathroom accessories. Mark every box with specific details so that you understand what's there in each box. Pack delicate stuff like handicraft, artefacts, crockery etc in cushioned boxes and mark them as 'fragile'.

Supervise the process
Don't try to manage everything by yourself, take help from parents and friends to supervise the process of moving in. Allot one member at every point of change in hand. This will ensure that everything reaches your new home in one piece. Ask them not to rub heavy furniture against each other, not to bang boxes marked as 'fragile' and handle them carefully, etc.

Start with one section at a time
Do not open all the boxes at a time; start with one section at a time. This will ensure accuracy and finesse. It is best to begin with the living room as it is the first room that opens the door to your home. Then gradually set the other rooms. Although, you can seek help from friends to set up all sections of your house, make sure the bedroom is done only by you and your spouse, since it is your personal space and needs to be done up with love and care.


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