Quirky Decoration Tips

Home owners have hard time decorating their homes. Whoever the builders may be, commercial and residential flats in Chennai are to be neatly decorated inside out so that the residents have a pleasant time. Residential flats in Chennai, to be particular, can be decked up with these following tips.

Door is the Key
A bright and standout door is the easiest way to glam up your entryway. Opt for red, indigo or yellow! A smart nameplate on the wall and metal numbers on the door add the finishing touch.

Ceilings speak
Often the most neglected part of a home, the ceiling, can also add to your décor. Paint it a vibrant colour to add vibrancy. Or add fake wooden rafters for a rustic look.

Supersize the art
Forget about framing loads of pictures or prints. Just get an oversized artwork — it could be a print, poster or painting — and let it take centre stage in a room.

Bring home a classic rug
With rugs available at rock-bottom prices, you may think twice about splurging on a Kashmiri silk carpet or a hand-woven indigenous dhurrie. The right rug can complete makeover a room.

Style the bookcase
Gone are the days when a bookcase was meant to hold only books. Remove a few books here and there, and replace with a sculptural piece, a photo frame or a small planter to create interest.

Paint your interior doors
Painting your interior doors a dark colour like black, charcoal, or navy can lend your rooms an expensive look.

Make magic with mirrors
Mirrors can maximise light and space by altering perspectives. Use mirrors, be it a large single frame or multiple ones, to create an impact.

Setting the bar low
All expensive homes usually have a minimalistic vibe. So declutter on a regular basis and clear your tables, bookcases and other spaces regularly.


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