Clean Air this Summer I

Summer is a great month for everyone mainly for people looking for affordable budget flats in Chennai and other places. Summer is a time when all the top builders in Chennai tend to give offers and discounts. It is also a time when one should be careful and be cautious about his or her health. The heat and pollution is bad in the city and we should learn about ways to overcome it in our home. Having these plants in your home will reduce the toxic pollutants in the air caused by heavy traffic and by other sources.

Peace Lily
Easy to grow, peace lily plants remain fragrant and flowery almost all through the summer season and have the ability to shoo away impurities in the air. Avoid watering them too often though. Place the pot at a shady corner inside the house.

Boston Fern
Keep them moist and away from direct sunlight, and in return these ferns will assure there are no pollutants in the air that you breathe in. This plant is said to significantly improve air quality in homes and offices.

English Ivy
This freewheeling vine can create a green landscape on the windows and doors of your house, while it even grows well in pots. Popular for its lush foliage, this plant thrives even in little sunlight and constantly purifies air.

These are few plants which purify the air which we breathe. Next week we will take a look at few more of such plants which will help make the air you breathe pure.


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