Things to throw out this summer!

Summer means holidays and fun. Travelling to many places from your classy apartments in Chennai and discovering new places is all that a vacation is about for some people. But with the increase in number of residential flats in Chennai people have forgotten to keep their homes clean due to lack time for the same. Today let us check out few things which you can dispose away this summer before heading out for a vacation!

No one likes parting with books but then, how many can you keep? Gadgets have made it possible to have a hundred of them handy, but you still need to wade through the many you already have.Make a pile of those that you have to keep, those you read, and won’t read again, and those you read and didn’t like.Give away the last two sets to a library — you’ll benefit hundreds of people.

Most likely than not, you love mugs and pick up many in cheerful colours. Then friends and relatives bring back many as souvenirs of their travels. The recent trend of made-to-order mugs with photos translates into additional mugs. Edit ruthlessly and hand out all those that you have no need for.

You keep adding to your lifestyle and travel magazine selection for that day. But with every little bit of information now available on the internet, do you really need to hang on to these magazines? Go through your entire magazine collection and donate to an old magazine library or to a preschool where the teachers can use them for projects.

There was a time when everybody would gift candles. So you managed to amass quite a collection. Are you ever going to light a match and burn those candles?
If they’re simply too pretty, keep only a few and hand out the others. Or else, light them up whenever you have people over.

Birthday cards
There was a time when birthday cards and handwritten letters were a part of life. You went through them, stacked them, and sorted them out into year-wise bundles.Get that cardboard box out of the top kitchen cabinet and let them go.

Electronic cords
Look inside the junk cupboard/corner — the one where you just toss everything and never look back — and you’re sure to find a mess of electronic cords. Old chargers, wires, and other electronic cords that you haven’t used in quite a while, just trash them.

Clothes you’ve not worn even once
Your closet is overflowing and you still maintain that you don’t have a single thing to wear. Perhaps it’s time to go through it thoroughly. Take out every bit of clothing and give away clothes you’ve not worn even once. Ideally, you should also pass on clothes that you haven’t worn in five years but cling on to in the hope of fitting into them.


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