Increasing Rental Advantage

Though you might buy your home from one of the top builders in Chennai, the rental value of a home differs from another due to many reasons. Chennai builders make sure that rental assurance is there from the apartments being built nowadays, but one might see that in the same locality two homes might have different rents. Here are few tips as to how you can increase your rental advantage.

Own Personality
Whether selling or renting, the mantra is how well you package your product. Nobody likes a shoddy, capsized wreck for a home. Make sure your house looks inviting. Houses convey the personality of people who reside in them. When it comes to lifestyle or real estate, aspirations are always at play. So, when you pitch, make sure you are pitching a lifestyle.

Just like your daily life, a certain discipline and decorum works well for a house too. A clean, painted house that has no leaking roofs or termite ridden cupboards or blotchy exteriors will see willing takers, whether for rent or sale. Picture yourself in the prospective tenant/buyer’s position and try to gauge whether you would be willing to buy what you are selling. If the answer is no, work on it till you can say a yes. Of course, it means a little more spending.

Research more
Buyers and sellers in the market are equally competitive. All buyers want to boast about a great catch while all sellers would want to brag about a profit. However, you need to price your property appropriately to prevent a prospective tenant/buyer from opting for the next best at a value-for-money rate. For this, do careful research - What are the going rates in my locality? What are the kinds of amenities provided by the seller/landlord at that price? Is there a possibility of sizeable price appreciation in the near future?


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