Carbon Dioxide Level In The House

There are many apartments in Chennai being built and promoted nowadays due to the increase in demand and concessions available from the government front. People focus on building luxurious and classy homes but the neglect many important aspects which are to be noted while planning a house.

Being a fast developing city with huge population, Chennai is facing a major issue which is high levels of carbon dioxide. This may be due to many reasons like release of green house gases and use of many vehicles etc. In a house, many determinants for the level of carbon dioxide present may be there and some of them being the number of people living in the house, the appliances used like dryers, gas etc. The level of carbon dioxide may also be due to external reasons like industrial gases or burning of fossil fuels. When there is increased carbon dioxide in the house, the plants in the place naturally tend to thrive and grow well. 

Increased carbon dioxide level in the house is not good for the residents of the house. The increase in carbon dioxide in the house naturally will decrease the oxygen in the place which in turn will result in lack of proper oxygen supply to the residents of the house. If the level of carbon dioxide is relatively low, then the residents may have symptoms like headache, breathing difficulties, increased pulse rate and high fatigue. When the level increases beyond a fixed level, the residents may experience heavy nausea, dizziness or vomiting; but usually in residential spaces such high level of carbon dioxide have not been seen. 
Proper balance of carbon dioxide is needed in a home and this can be done very easily. People can buy carbon dioxide detectors which will make sure that the level of carbon dioxide in the home is noted properly. A good ventilation system in the house may largely help in maintaining the carbon dioxide levels in the house. Appliances like burning gas, or other fuels when burnt should have proper ventilation so that the carbon dioxide emission from these does not stay in the house.

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