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Hotel rooms are totally different from our homes and they reflect luxury and class at a different level. Buildings constructed by Chennai builders can be state of the art but the interiors should match up to it to make the rooms have the hotel like feel. At present, interiors are mostly not done by the Chennai flat builders; however you can design your home in such a way that you have the same luxurious feel like a hotel.

The bedside lamp
The lighting is one of the main reasons that a hotel room looks so appealing. A lamp by the bedside invites you to rediscover the pleasures of reading in bed as against the appeal of simply turning on the telly for yet another night of often mindless entertainment.

Give your bed a makeover!
The cosy comfortable bedin the hotel room is what invites us to return to bed after a long day out. All those layers — the mattress, mattress pad, feathery pillows and luxurious comforter — add up to a great experience. Get a soft mattress, super-high thread count sheets and down pillows. Don’t forget to add a bed runner for a chic look.

Opt for space savers
Most hotel rooms opt for sleek floating drawers instead of bulky bedside tables. These can be fitted into the tightest of corners and increase visual space. They do provide you with enough space to put your essentials — a book, a pot of cream and a bottle of water.

Mirror Magic
Most hotels — rooms or lobbies — are big on mirrors and mirror finishes. There’s a reason for that. Mirrors enhance visual space and, if placed strategically, can make a small room look bigger.Use one over a console, hang a funky one over the bar or make a large mirror work as a piece of art.

Update the bathroom
Bathrooms are one of the best parts of staying at hotels. You will definitely feel pampered with all the toiletries and other products. Buy a bunch of toiletries; invest in a few quality ones that make you feel and smell great.A bathrobe, a bathmat and fluffy towels will add to the appeal. Keep a hair dryer permanently installed for that hotel bathroom feel.

Bring in a bench
Most hotel rooms have surfaces that allow you to plop your things for a while. Try this at home by placing a bench at the foot of your bed. This versatile and multifunctional piece of furniture can play many roles. You can sit, give yourself a pedicure or toss clothes on it. One with built-in storage can help stash away extra linen.

Get yourself a desk
If your bedroom has the space, bring in a desk. This ubiquitous piece of furniture that no self-respecting hotel room will do without will be one you will fall in love with.It can work as a late-night home office, a storage point for important papers and documents.


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