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Having a beautiful and organised home is everyone’s dream. You might be the owner of one of the luxury flats in Chennai or a nice cosy 2 BHK apartment but getting one’s house dolled up to perfection will certainly be of high importance. Chennai flat builders construct beautiful homes of high quality and decorating them in a budget has never been easier.

Updating your home interior need not be expensive – repurposing objects in the home, displaying found objects or even adding a feature wall can breathe new life to your home.

Here are some affordable ideas to injecting some new style to your home without breaking the bank!

An array of boxes of different shapes can be made into a personalised storage system. Try arranging different boxes on top of each other and have a rope around to hold them all in place. Arrange heavier chests at the bottom for better balance. The entire display can be held together with a contrast coloured rope which will further enhance the look of the structure.

Painting old things new
Fresh paint brightens anything, so salvage a seat with a new hue. Chairs, tables, etc can be altered in terms of colour to add a new wave to the house. Remember to spray-paint in a well-ventilated room and remember to apply from a good distance to avoid patchiness.

Handles open as hooks
There can never be enough hangers or hooks in the house. Collect mismatching door handles to use as decorative coat hooks. It’s a good idea to select handles with a similar size and shape, to balance the overall look.

Treasured collectables are framed up
Frames don’t just have to hold art-works or paintings; they can display almost anything you like. Particularly effective are pieces collected on travels – such as vibrant textiles, pictures which hold happy memories etc.

Patterns make walls look better
A patterned panel will add glamour and the impression of an elongated space – a more affordable change than a renovation! You could use a panel of wall stickers or wallpaper to create the panel.

These are small things which can be done in your house to redecorate it.


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