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There are only few things that can be compromised in life and quality is definitely not one among them. Having a quality life should be the prime goal of any person. Being in a city with vast opportunities and scope, there are many classy apartments in Chennai being built to meet the demand for residential spaces.

With many new flats in Chennai coming up, people are aware of how the form, space and ambience of an architectural work reflect functional, technical, environmental and aesthetic considerations; but how much of an impact does it have on the psychological well-being of its inhabitants?

Every individual has personal comfort zones; where they feel stress-free, relaxed and are happy. According to many researches, the relationship between environment and behaviourand between architecture and the mental state of residents is highly related.
The VaastuFactor
Recently, Vaastu has taken the high road and all builders make sure that their homes are vaastu compliant as it is considered the one-stop solution to all problems pertaining to psychological well-being in residential buildings. This is hardly an exaggeration.Vaastu is a traditionally evolved practice and is intertwined with local, social, cultural and religious practices. It’s also integrated with the construction technology of a particular period of the past. Vaastu is related to science is many ways too. It deals with cross ventilation and proper lighting which are scientifically good for any home.

Many builders do not consider both scientific and traditional facts while constructing a house. Builders should move up the ladder and have researches made to be in par with the demand of the buyers. Vaastu compliant homes should also be modern, user friendly and flaunt worthy home. Architectural research is a highly essential point about which builders should take note. There are many good builders in Chennai who try to constantly upgrade themselves with the changing demands of their clients. It is these builders who end up giving quality homes to the buyers and also fulfilling their demands.


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