Changes for a Smart Future

We have previously seen that T. Nagar has been chosen for the development as a model for smart area in Chennai due to which the houses and new flats in T. Nagar have gained more attention. People looking for investing this New Year can definitely turn to new flats for sale in T. Nagar and close by areas.

Parking woes, electricity and water supply, sewage disposal, pollution control, traffic management are some of the few issues which are expected to be addressed by this smart initiative. One main hurdle for implementing the smart initiative is communicating to people at a mass and effective level. It has been widely noticed that the technology trends that drive digital growth and transformation are hyper connectivity, supercomputing, cloud computing, and cyber security.In a country where Smartphone users are around 140 million and tablet users are about 2 million, data is up for grabs for anyone who wants to use them.

Government authorities should focus their attention on mobile phones. It can become a key device in enabling smart governance as in India people have more mobile phones than they have toilets. The time has come to move beyond e-governance, to the next level which is of smart governance. A government's main resource is the information technology system but for a smart government, the key resource is data. Such information and data, which was earlier inaccessible to government authorities, is readily available for their perusal today. Along with the government, the public should also take more initiatives and participate by giving suggestions and reaching out to the government. If this is done so then the issues which hamper the vision of smart cities in India can be easily sorted and the model initiative like the one in T. Nagar, Chennai can also proceed smoothly.

On the whole, people looking for investing this New Year can definitely turn to new flats for sale in T. Nagar and close by areas as they are bound to appreciate multi-fold in a short time.


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