The new smart area

Many areas in Chennai were under the scanner for ideal smart area development and the Chennai flat builders are definitely happy about this after the bad rains. Such a project is sure to make the area better, lessen the crowd and appreciate the price of both the luxury and budget flats in Chennai.

The areas under the Smart City Project will get funds to improve infrastructure for water supply, sewerage, storm water drains, transport and development of green spaces and parks with special provision for meeting the needs of children. The corporation has finalised T. Nagar for the Centre's smart city project. Beating Sholinganallur, Mylapore and George Town and other shortlisted areas for the project, the move is expected to develop the congested T Nagar into a pedestrian-friendly area, with a safe and continuous network of footpaths and cycle tracks. The 'Smart City Challenge Mission Proposal' was delayed by a bit due to the floods in the city. But, the choices have been made and the city is set to get a new lease of life.  

T. Nagar is an area known for its great retail outlets. At the same time many people feel that the parking in this area is bad and congested. The civic body has said that the first step is to set this right and stop illegal parking and try establishing multi-level parking facility to accommodate vehicles.

It is very important to make use of the existing infrastructure in order for this project to succeed. Though it will take a lot of time, this project will be gradually expanded to the other parts of the city and the shoppers feel that this will definitely improve their shopping experience multi-fold. Though walking is an option in crowded street, the streets of T. Nagar are so crowded and unorganised that people often find it a bad experience to walk here. Surely we all are waiting to see the smart new city soon!


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