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At a time when all the people in the city are raising up to support each other and help get back to normalcy; we should definitely do our part to bring our city on its feet. In the last few months many new flats in Chennai were being promoted but no one was aware of the destruction that was to come.

The rains and the flood in Chennai have badly hit many commercial and residential flats in Chennai. When people were on the verge of breaking down, everyone pulled through and started giving strength to the other. The spirit of the city was in the spotlight and got reflected to the whole nation. Surviving the floods is one part; the next is for us to be safe and healthy after the floods. We should try donating clothes and other basic necessities to people in need and the main thing needed now is to help people get through the post flood period in a healthy state. Awareness about diseases due to water stagnation should be raised in all areas where there is water stagnation, be it a small puddle or lot of water.

Try clearing out the stagnated water and rubbish left back due to the rain. If clearing it is not possible at the earliest then try alternate methods to curtail the breeding of mosquitoes and house-flies in garbage and water. The alternate methods can be spraying of oil in the water which will form a surface over the water and stop mosquitoes from breeding. The spraying of chlorine powder can also be effective and this measure is being taken up by the government especially in the areas where there is a lot of garbage. Make sure you drink only boiled water and eat only hygienically cooked home food. The important thing that every person should do before helping others is make sure that people close to us like our watchman and housekeeping staff are save and have all that they need.

Be safe and healthy and make sure people close to you are also safe! With the help pouring in from all sides Chennai will be standing tall in no time!


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