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There are many people looking to buy apartments in Perumbakkam, Sholinganallur and OMR areas this Diwali. The apartment builders in Chennai are also well aware of the same and are giving many offers and discounts on the properties. Diwali season means offers on all fronts including home appliances.

Usually you tend to buy new appliances during Diwali and it is highly important to know how to be cautious with various appliances. Making a house safe to avoid mishap due to appliance mishandling is important. There are a few basic safety points that you should keep in mind to protect your home from any mishap.

Here are a few tips on how to play safe with your appliances at home.


Regular Maintenance
Be it a newly-purchased item or something that has been gifted to you; ensure that all your essential appliances and gadgets go through regular maintenance checks, especially when it comes to washing machines and air conditioners. Though deposits in washing machines cannot be seen, they affect the working and might lead to damage of expensive components of the machine.So it is better to go for regular servicing rather than incur high price later. Similarly air-conditioners, too, need servicing from time to time.Buy products that are not only certified, but also are from a trusted source or brand.


Beware Of Water
Be it in the kitchen, bathroom or anywhere in the home, water and electricity together in any which way are a big NO. Power points near sinks, wash basins or water dispensers need extra care. Either keep them properly covered or ensure that water outlet is tightly closed when any appliance is using the power from the point. Also make sure to avoid the use of extension cords in wet areas. If urgent, go for power chords that are specifically designed to be water resistant. If an electrical appliance falls in water, don't try to play around with a hair dryer or other 'do-it-yourself' methods. It's best to keep it in the sun and use it only after getting it thoroughly checked by a professional.


Know Your Appliance
Going through the instructions will prepare you well to handle an emergency. Points like ‘never to use fingers to release something caught in blender's blades or mixers’ might sound too obvious; but these when followed prevent accidents. Even a slight brush against the blades of the juicer or mixer can cut the skin. Also be careful while cleaning the appliances. Don't hurry and let them come to room temperature.Last but not the least; avoid using the appliances for a purpose it isn't meant for.


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