Bring on the festivities

Festivity brings in a new energy to the city and the whole city is filled with bright colours. Talking about colours, there are many residential flats in Chennai which are promoted or constructed by trusted and famous builders in Chennai.

Such flats will also need few changes as Diwali is approaching. Colours definitely play a major role in boosting the festive spirit in a house. Neutral colours are a safe bet for houses but they seldom bring in the fun. There are few colours which are trending this season. Let us take a look at them so that you can paint your house bright this festive season!

Think strawberry pink, pistachio green, apricot yellow, sherbet lemon, icy blue, sugary lilac, lemon green or plain vanilla which are usually called as ice cream colours.Just the thought of these colours puts you in the mood for fun.  These soft, sweet and sunny shades recreate the feel of summer. They don’t have to be relegated only to children’s rooms. Use them to great effect in living rooms and kitchens — they’re the ideal pairing with a vintage/shabby chic décor.

Avoid using too many sugary shades in a space. Use two and pair with a neutral. White sharpens the effect of this candyfloss look.
Funky neon shades — hot pink, neon orange or green, electric lemon, psychedelic yellow zany orange or loud lavender — stand out in any space by acting as accents on their own.These pops of colour add vibrancy and drama to any room.It could be a vase on the coffee table, a bright door or a dazzling chair that can funk up the décor. But neon isn’t for everyone as it creates high drama. Create visual balance by contrasting with white or light shades.Keep the space open, let in the light and ensure that the rest of the décor is muted so that the neon shades can take centre stage.

If you love your fruits, try translating their freshness and tang into home décor. Fruity hues add sunny optimism to any kind of home. Play with colours — apple or pomegranate red, mango yellow, raspberry pink, tangerine orange or kiwi green. Explore fruity shades that aren’t used often such as shades of banana, papaya, pineapple, musk melon, grape, rhubarb, jamun or cranberry. Fruity hues work best against neutrals so show them off against walls in hues of white, gray, sand, ivory, linen or creamsicle.Pair these colours with a medley of contrasting textures, fabrics, and shapes for a dynamic space. A shaggy rug, patterned wallpaper or a velvet ottoman add visual interest. Offset the squeaky clean feel by adding dark woods, glass, metals and tiles. Try layering — colours and textures — for greater impact.


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