The Parking Problems

Constructing a building is no problem nowadays with all the improved resources available and there are many upcoming commercial and residential flats in Chennai because of the same reason. Amenities have become an important part of such buildings which are promoted by Chennai flat builders.

Amenities usually include swimming pool, gymnasium, children’s play area & part halls. People today have another important criterion which is the parking space. The buyers are willing to pay for the parking space yet the availability in many of the flats in Chennai are limited. With the number of cars on the rise, the need for efficient parking spaces has become a deciding factor for residential apartments. Car parking is a major point of discussion when we go to buy apartments. The provision of car park as an essential amenity is a major factor that goes in favour of a good apartment and the same has been on the rise in terms of need.

As per rules today, one car park needs to be provided for every 75 sq metre of residential development, not going into the type of further classification.But the demand is well on course to beat this and its time that this gets altered for the betterment. Else, in today's context, the roads in front of homes have literally been serving as car parks therebyincreasing trouble for people.

The flats and buildings constructed in earlier days might not have proper provisions for car parking as they did not anticipate the increase in number of vehicles to this extent. But today the whole scenario has changed. The construction of modern day is addressing the need of car parking and the regulatory authorities are providing guidance for provision of car parks to residents and visitors. The visitor parking provision needs a lot more improvement from the current standards as that does not seem to match the actual requirement when the building goes operational.

Only if an apartment has proper parking space the demand for the building is good and the saleable/rentable value also increases.


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