Protecting Your Furniture

Chennai is fast approaching the monsoon and there is always high level of humidity in the air due to the closeness to ocean. Builders in Chennai make sure that the wood used in construction is of good quality so that there are no issues due to the high humidity.

Chennai flat builders can only assure the quality of the wood used in construction but the wooden furniture must be taken care of by the resident. People should take proper care of the furniture at home.

Any alterations works like polishing, painting etc should be done before or after the monsoon as it affects the outer layer of the wood.
Humidity is the main enemy to most wooden furniture and doors. Placing them near the windows may not be a good idea as rain splashes may damage them. Air movement dries the wood which is why a cross-ventilated room with open windows is a good idea when it comes to proper care of wooden furniture.

It should be made sure that water-resistant adhesives are used for making furniture. This will help the furniture from de-laminating due to excess moisture in the air. Even when cleaning the furniture, moisture clad clothes should be avoided and instead a soft dry cloth can be used. Dust attracts moisture which can build up and soften the finish on one’s furniture.

When the apartments are close to ocean, a de-humidifier is a recommended option as there are more chances of growth of mould on wood. A de-humidifier will get rid of the moisture in the room and prolong furniture life. If there is any heaviness or damage noticed in the furniture, immediate attention is required for the same.
While planning wooden wardrobes, they must be planned in such a way that they are away from the windows so that in case of rains the water does not affect the wood. Place some camphor or naphthalene balls in the wardrobe as they will soak up dampness. Keeping neem leaves in the wardrobe keeps insects away.
Waxing will prevent absorbing moisture but this should be done prior to the monsoon season.


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