Avoiding the Logging

The sudden rains in Chennai have left the people and the city in a stand still due to water logging in many areas. Apartment builders in Chennai are doing their best to avoid mishaps in low laying areas like Velachery where there are many incidents of water logging due to improper construction.

For people who are looking to buy flats in Chennai, areas like Velachery are a great investment option but the post rain traffic and other mishaps have said to deter the interest in this area. Water logging is a common problem in apartment premises and it can be easily avoided. People face many issues inside apartment premises due to water logging like mosquito infestation and other insect infestation. Starting off with rain water harvesting is one basic process to control water logging.


People just need to capture the rainwater runoff and use it to recharge the groundwater on the spot. Harvesting rainwater can be done in many ways.

Dry wells are one of the most basic drainage systems that can be useful to counter water logging economically. Standing water flows to the dry well which can be filled with gravel to make sure water does not seep back into the yard. Any water accumulating in the yard would automatically flow to the dry well keeping the outdoor areas clean, dry and free from water logging. This is more or less similar to rain water harvesting which is done in many places.

If there is a slope inside the apartment premises then having French drain could work out great. French drain needs adequate study of the elevation and slope of any yard to determine the lowest point of the area. Once the lowest point is established, a trench must be dug with minimum one foot depth. French drain is best filled with sand and gravel. A layer of sawdust and sand must be topped off at the top of the trench to make it more functional. French drain is far more effective for larger areas compared to dry wells.

Pumps can be fixed in the premises or close by areas in case the water logging is bad during the monsoon seasons. The final and easy way to arrest rain water is through gardens. Having gardens and trees will make sure that the water is absorbed by the plants and there is less or no excess water on the ground level. This is helpful for the environment and also helps to drain out the rain water logging problem.


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