Sound Does Matter

Cities like Chennai are associated with their classy apartments in Chennai and fast developing infrastructure. There are many builders in Chennai who aim at giving the best to their buyers in the city.

A survey has shown that Chennai is being polluted a lot and this is not good news for the investors or the Chennai flat builders. Pollution can be of many types but the main pollution can be noise and air pollution which is badly affecting the city. With the increased number of people using vehicles to commute in the city, the level of air pollution has definitely increased considerably. Investors and buyers of residential properties have shown a clear trend of moving away from projects located on a main road and prefer investing in projects that are located in quieter areas.

Since the city centres like Mylapore and Alwarpet are much crowded despite the high level of demand present here, the builders tend to move towards less congested areas like Perumbakkam where one can have a peaceful living. Noise affects everyone mainly in areas where there are medical institutions. One may think that ona one-way road, the traffic flow would be managed better, but commuters seldom follow traffic rules. Two-wheelers in particular create havoc by innocuously wading through oncoming traffic, on the wrong side. This is not only dangerous, but also the reason for the traffic jams that happens in this stretch. This inadvertently results in commuters honking incessantly and thereby increasing noise pollution. In all the noise and haste people seldom pay attention to the ambulances. While most of us might be aware that honking in certain zones is an offense, very few know that using their speakers at blaring volumes is illegal too.

Although it is unclear as to what the specified limit is, blaring loudspeakers is considered an offense under the Motor Vehicles Act (MVA) 1988. The penalty under section 190 (2) provides for a fine of Rs.1, 000 for the first offense and Rs. 2,000 for subsequent offenses. Piercing sounds might feel invigorating, but they distract the driver and prevent them from being aware of the surroundings. The horn is an important accessory of any motor vehicle and is to be used judiciously. For example, at blind turns that does not have convex mirrors or signals to aid drivers. However, we have started using them as an outlet for our frustration and haste.


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