Innovation all along

Advancement in technology and science has given rise to many innovations in the realty sector which seems to bridge the gap between the buyers and the sellers. Innovations are the core value of any business and real estate is also highly being benefitted by the same. Chennai builders have understood the need and use of innovations and have started employing the same

Apartments with state of the art technologies are no longer a dream in a city like Chennai. Given below are few examples of technological advancement which has made living better for people.

Sky lounges:Not many builders today offer a party deck on the top floor of the apartment. Such a place will usually give a 360 degree panoramic view to the entire neighbourhood. With advanced technology, builders have been able to place swimming pools in floors as high as the 30th storeys.
Real time information:Having Apps which connect the buyers with the sellers are fast emerging in the realty sector. Buyers need to scan the developers’ logo using the app and gain access to locations of the projects on the map, get directions to the desired properties, check the interiors and check the project layout features.
Fully Automated Homes: The concept of fully automated homes are catching up in the city wherein you can command the computer to control the house and to do things for you like switching on the air-conditioner or turning off the heater. This can be done by a mere voice command.

Convertible apartments: Moving walls, folding furniture and partitions- these features are much required in urban homes facing space crunch. A study room cum bedroom cum dining room is a possibility with flexi feature. This could also be a free-standing screen or a curtain or a moveable wall to separate the living room and the bedroom.

Virtual experiences: Not all of you can go for site visits. Therefore, virtual tours come in handy. Audio recordings, videos, walk-through, photographs, Skype meetings with the maintenance team head, in-depth reports about the neighbourhood, recordings of noise pollution- all of these can be accessed through virtual tour.
These are just some features that innovation in technology has given real estate and people are being benefitted to a large extent due to the same.


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