Making the Most of the Monsoon

The monsoon seems to approaching the city and people are sure happy about it because it will be a huge relief from the scorching sun. There are many luxury flats in Chennai which are built to manage the heat of the city but no one thinks about the monsoon.

In many places monsoon is a grey period where life stagnates and becomes dull and stressful due to increased traffic and bad roads. People should try making the most of monsoon and have a makeover for their house so that they feel refreshed. Begin with the most important thing before the rains — waterproofing. In case exterior (and interior) walls are showing signs of seepage, get them fixed. Don’t miss tile joints in bathrooms and kitchen. Infestations are also a major problem during the monsoon and so wooden floorings have to be properly checked.  Works which will require time to set in like lying of floors, making of furniture etc should not be done during this period.

Roll up rugs in polythene and put them away until the rains are gone. This will protect them from water and insects. The fact that you don’t have to clean muddy feet off them is a bonus. Make sure that the rugs, upholstery and other soft furnishings have been dried out before the rains.

Adding colour to the house is a big step in making monsoon brighter. Dull colours can make a room damp and drab during the monsoon, so make friends with deep red, sea green, aqua blue, hot pink, sunny yellow, and tangerine orange. Bring out bed linen in a variety of hues, designs and textures. Floral prints in bold colours create a spring-like feel despite the rainy weather.  Analyse your lighting features. Opt for lighting that creates a warm atmosphere at night — soft yellow lights create a mellow ambience that goes with the monsoon feel. Store camphor in little cloth bags (it soaks moisture) and keep them in closets to avoid a musty smell. Neem leaves keep silverfish at bay.

The monsoon is the perfect time to transform your balcony or terrace into a green haven. Pick up the right planters — clay, terracotta, concrete, ceramic or plastic — and seek the gardener’s advice before you go plant-shopping.



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