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Beauty has always been associated with nature and greenery but there is not much greenery left in the city as there are many buildings. The builders should realise that nature and natural materials are what will make a building better, quality-wise. OMR, ECR, Velachery, and Perumbakkam flats are being targeted by the builders due to the development in these areas.

When natural materials come into the picture, bamboo is definitely one material which is making its way back into the construction market. There are many reasons as to why bamboo is used for designing windows and doors, the primary being that is strong and gives a classy look. As we are searching for new ideas of design and solutions for eco-friendly living, we realise the past holds as many inspirations as the future can tempt us with. The long length, jointed body, light weight, easy workability and such others makes it an excellent material for high walls and roofs. With a surface skin that can be easily peeled, bamboo provides varied products like woven baskets and floor mats. With a tensile strength beyond that of steel, it found popularity as supports for buildings and pavilions.People have climbed on a bamboo ladder ever since they lived in settled societies, especially in areas where bamboo grows.

People often feel that bamboo is inferior to wood but they should know that bamboo is a material which offers a superior protection in case of earthquakes when compared to wood or cement.  Bamboo is not only used in construction but it is also available as flooring and furniture which are way more sustainable than compressed wooden flooring and furniture. It will create a natural eco-friendly environment in the house which will also provide a cooling sensation to the residents. However, the bamboo should be properly processed and used so that there are no insects inside the wood which may affect the residents.


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