Painting Homes In Myriad Colours

Painting homes has probably been the earliest form of interior decoration. The shades on the walls of our homes impact us more than we think. It reflects our personality and the vibe of the entire house. There are a range of colours available in the market but a few of them are very common and are used in most houses.

There are deeper meanings to colour than just adding to aesthetics. Certain colours are said to impact moods and affect the psyche of people in the long-term. Pleasant hues such as pastels and lighter versions of different colours are mostly preferred in houses. In most of the flats in Chennai, the living rooms are generally painted beige, off-white, pale brown, etc to maintain a neutral and warm colour scheme. The kitchen is also generally painted in light colours to maintain an airy and ventilated feel. The bedroom is a space that is mostly experimented with as it is a personal space and is more versatile. Shades of pink, yellow, green, blue, etc are commonly used. There is a general rule to avoid very dark shades on the wall as it makes rooms appear smaller and stuffier. Too much of reds are also avoided as red is a colour that is said to have a strong impact on people. Also, black or grey shades are usually avoided as it gives the house a dark look.

Thus, a lot of research goes into painting homes. With the large number of options available, it is tough to zero down on the colour that we want on our walls but we must make sure that it is easy to maintain and reflects the vibe of our homes at the same time.


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