High Rise Buildings In Chennai

Chennai has come a long way since the days when LIC building was known as the tallest building in the city. To accommodate its ever growing population, many high-rise buildings have come up in Chennai. The vertical limits for buildings in the city have been constantly getting higher. Also the number of high-rise buildings has been increasing.

The tallest residential buildings in the Chennai have around 28 to 30 floors. However, most of these flats are in the outskirts. The central areas have very few apartments that have more than 20 floors. Apartments with more than 20 floors are mainly in the outskirts as development of flats in prime areas has stagnated to an extent. There are a certain group of people who prefer to live in higher floors and a certain group that prefers the lower ones. Also, such apartments are priced based on locations. For example, apartments that boast of sea views, lake views or city views generally price their higher floors more than the lower ones. The price is generally increased by a specific percentage for each floor. Also the luxury suites or pent houses are generally on the top-most floor to get the maximum beauty out of views. Though the maintenance costs of all the homes in an apartment are the same, higher floors might have some extra electricity and water costs sometimes. But people preferring higher floors are ready to spend more for the privacy that such houses offer, the views and the relative relief from pollution.

Chennai flat builders also prefer sky-scrapers as vertical expansion gives them more space on the ground for landscaping or for other lifestyle amenities. As a result, many such high-rise buildings are under construction and the effects of these structures on the city’s skyline will be interesting to see.


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