How Colours Make Your Home Peaceful

The colours in which homes is painted is a main determinant of the character of the home on the whole. There are residential apartments in Chennai which are being developed due to the increase in the need for both budget and luxury flats.

Colours are a powerful medium for stimulating our sense and giving positive vibrations in the homes. People lay a lot of emphasis on Vaastu, at the same time, the colour of the homes also determine the vibrations that are present in the home. Nowadays, the scenario has become such that people paint each room in their flats or home according to their choice; for instance, a kid’s bedroom is painted according to the kid’s taste or choice. But this is not the proper way to go about with decorating of homes.

Vaastu specifies that the colour scheme of the home needs to draw inspiration from air, fire, earth and space and their respective position in sixteen directions. One should be very careful when choosing the colour scheme of their home or flat. Colours in harmony usually give positive energy resulting in positive attitude and vibrations in the house.

Few tips are given for painting your home this autumn.

  • Blue and Green Neon are the new colours this season which will make the home vibrant and bright.
  • If the house has a lot of metallic accessories then you may want to paint the rooms with a touch of copper, ebony or coffee.
  • Colours like navy, indigo, and peacock blue are still in this year and can be used in houses which have more dark wooden furnishings.
  • Black and white has always been a sought after combination but this year, the trend has moved towards more greys than bright colours.
  • The method of using layer painting is also trending now and people can use different metals, woods and fabrics.

People can also use generally bright and happy colours like pale pink, pale green, turquoise blue, pale blue and purple etc. The colour scheme that one chooses for their home has lot of effect on the character and vibrations in the home. So it must be made sure that positive and vibrant colours are used in the scheme. 

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