Grey Water

The need for fresh water is increasing day by day with many flat promoters in Chennai constructing apartments and houses in the city. People are trying to find many ways to conserve water and reduce unnecessary usage of water. The grey water treatment is one of the ways that can be adopted by people to conserve water.

Grey water is the water left after bathing, clothes washing and cooking. In many small complexes, builders divert the greywater into one or more soak pits. These pits are unable to handle the load and the water stagnates.What people need to understand is that greywater is of good quality and transferring that to the STP (Sewage Treatment Plants) will result in it being mixed with sewage (30 to 35 per cent). This large percentage of sterile water gets poisoned.If this greywater is treated and put back into the soil, it would be beneficial at many levels. For instance, the load on the septic tank will be substantially reduced; water will not stagnate in soak pits, and in large apartment complexes the STP capacity will be reduced by half to provide substantial savings in running costs. Moreover, the shallow water table will be recharged and thus provide sustained water security.

In earlier days, water from the kitchen was diverted to a clump of bananas that cleansed the water. This water then travelled across the soil and reached the dug well. The greywater went into the soil, and reached the dug well after being cleansed. Such a cyclic route for water movement can be brought back even in today’s environment by adopting the traditional cleaning process. This would therefore result in considerable water security to every household.


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