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People should be very careful when they are planning to invest in a property. Metropolitan cities have much demand in residential properties and people are interested to buy flats in Chennai and other major metros. Buying a flat is a huge investment and a person must consider many points before investing.

The primary point in getting an apartment or a house should be deciding if it is going to be an investment or if you are going to reside in the same. There is considerable difference between being an investor and a buyer. Many builders nowadays have build-as-you-go game with value-enhancing propositions built into the development calendar to help them manage rates as work progresses. People do not know the correct time to invest and may not gain the full benefit of their investment.

 Buyers usually are rational and tend to move into the house as soon as possible; with that in the mind, they must make sure that the flat they are buying should be in the nearly completed stage so that they can derive the benefit of their investment from the first stage. Some buyers may invest in a first phase of the building where the amenities like club house, swimming pool etc may not have been built yet but the houses will be ready for sale. When people make such a purchase, they may get to move into the property at the soonest but they cannot get the benefits of the amenities. Many other buyers, mostly who tend to be investors will invest in the second or later completion phase so that all amenities will be built and the value for premium on sale will be higher.

When a person is buying a flat, they must know that investing in apartments which are close to completion including all amenities is better than buying cheaper flats with lack of basic amenities.

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