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Builders and promoters from all over India have started investing in Chennai, as the investment opportunity here is on a positive trend. Many apartments for sale in Chennai are in prime areas which are in demand. 

People, living in the city, want to have a relaxed environment when they return home. There are many contributing factors to a house having a pleasant and positive environment. One such factor which gives a positive vibration to the house is the fragrance in the house which can be natural or human induced. Natural fragrances may be flowers and other naturally grown things on the other hand there are many artificial ways to make the house smell and feel better.

Reed diffusers are the most commonly used type of room fresheners. These work on the principle of capillary action. Porous reeds are immersed in containers which have fragrance oils in it. The oil travels up the reed and diffuses with the air, giving a pleasant smell. This is very easy to use and can be kept even in bedrooms and living area of the house.

Flower diffusers are more or less similar to a reed diffuser expect that instead of a reed, a flower is used as a wick in the flower diffusers. The flower is attached to a cotton wick and is immersed in a pot containing fragrance oils which is diffused to the room through the flower.

Vaporisers are commonly used in small gatherings and function as it involves the lighting of fire. In a vaporiser, drops of essential oil is added to water and heated from below using a tea light candle which makes the volatile oil gently permeate the room with a fragrance.

Amphora is a traditional type of container with a specific shape and size which has been used for making the space fragrant since many centuries. The fragrance oil has to be poured into the amphora to and let it be so that it comes in contact with the air and spreads the fragrance. 

These are the most effective and healthy ways to make the house smell pleasant. There are also many other ways like using potpourri, artificial room fresheners etc which creates a soothing environment.

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