Small space home gym hacks

You lead a very hectic and erratic lifestyle, which makes it difficult for you to commit to going to a gym regularly. But you still want to stay fit, and are wondering how you're going to manage that in the confines of your apartment. These smart home gym hacks for small spaces will give you some ideas about how to effectively use your space to create your own little work-out pad at home.

1. Wall hooks - A hanging organizer in the form of individual wall hooks will keep those resistance bands tangle-free and organized, without occupying too much space.
2. Mirror on the wall - Have at least one wall in your gym area covered with mirrors. Not only does it help you admire your newly worked out body, but also gives the feeling of a larger space.
3. Peg boards - Pegboards are just great to maximize the space. You could use it as storage for plenty of your gym essentials, whether it's towels, workout guides, headphones or your yoga mat. Create your own layout to make it look fun. This saves up a lot of floor or cupboard space for you, which you can use more fruitfully.
4. White board motivation - It is very essential to plan your workout schedule and maintain an exercise log in order to keep yourself motivated and help you achieve your fitness goals. Turn an empty wall in your gym area into your exercise HQ by putting up a white board and charting out your workout plans on it. Use brightly colored sticky notes to make the place look lively.
5. Hidden gym - If you don't have space to designate a separate space for your home gym, you could temporarily turn one room into a gym and when you're done, stow away all your equipment in perhaps a wheeled ottoman. This will also make space for your cardio equipment.
6. Vertical closets - Turn a free wall into an intelligent storage space with vertical closets. You could have some shelves closed and some open, where you could store your more brighter pieces of work-out gear and equipment.
7. Floor exercises - If you're seriously lacking for space, any form of floor exercises are perfect. Yoga, pilates and other such floor exercises require only a small space and no equipment. Just a mat which you can roll up post practice is more than sufficient.
8. Sneaky yoga mats - Use extra large wall brackets to store your yoga mats. They will occupy no extra space and make a nice sneaky little spot for your mats.
9. Compact, foldable equipment - When you're strained for space, you do not want to go around buying heavy and large equipment that you cannot move around. Invest in smaller, lighter equipment that can preferably be folded to accommodate other things when the space is not being used as a gym.

And with these hacks in place, you can be assured of a hassle-free personal work-out space in your house to help you achieve all your fitness goals.

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