10 simple ways to prevent air pollution at home

When we think of air pollution, home is not the first thing that comes to mind. However, unknowingly, we invite air pollution into our houses, and most of the time, it is avoidable. These 10 simple actions will help prevent and control air pollution in your home and provide you a safer environment.

1. Avoid smoking indoors - One of the most common and dangerous sources of air pollution in homes is the cigarette smoke. The residual particles from the cigarette smoke tend to settle in places with fabric or carpeting, and can pose serious health hazards. If you smoke or happen to have any smokers at home, do not light up indoors. Have a designated outdoor spot for smoking.
2. Keep the floors clean - Chemicals and allergens like pollen, brominated fire-retardant chemicals, dust mites, etc. tend to settle and accumulate in household dust. Use a good vacuum with a strong suction to suck out all the dust. Mop the floor regularly to pick up all the dust that vacuuming left behind.
3. Ventilation - You might think that opening up your windows might cause the polluted air to enter the house. However, ventilating your house is extremely important to let all the accumulated toxic air to escape and bring in fresh air. If you're cooking, use the extraction fan to keep down levels of nitrogen dioxide.
4. Use eco-friendly products - Cleaning supplies in the house account for a lot of air pollution. The fumes that some of these products let out are extremely dangerous, especially for people suffering from asthma and sinusitis. Go natural whenever you can and try and use eco-friendly products as much as possible, that don't contain harmful chemicals.
5. Get rid of carpeting - Carpets tend to attract a lot of dust and pollutants, so going carpet-free is a safe option to prevent air pollution.
6. Keep a check on humidity - Use a dehumidifier during wetter months to get rid of humidity in the air, as dust mites and mold love moisture.
7. Indoor plans - Plants are a great way to keep a check on the air pollution in the house. They reduce the level of formaldehyde in the house.
8. Minimize air freshener use - Air fresheners, especially those containing limonene are harmful.
9. Use doormats -Place floor mats in all the areas of the house susceptible to attract dust from people's footwear.
10. Keep trash can covered - Make sure all the trash cans in the house have a lid.
Following these simple steps will ensure the air quality in your house is a lot better and the air pollution is kept in check.

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