Alternative Construction Ideas

Many residential flats in Chennai are being constructed by builders and most of them try to employ only traditional methods of construction because of lack of availability of properly skilled labours. Changes in construction methods are welcomed by buyers since the popularity of green sense homes but many builders are not able to incorporate such green sense concepts which may be called as alternative construction ideas. 

Concrete filling is one of such alternative method in construction and it has many positive effects to the building. The main advantages of concrete filling are reduction in the quantity of concrete, passive cooling and having a light weight and cost effective construction. In olden days the filling used to be done using clay but nowadays it can be done using concrete filling as cement blocks are available everywhere both in solid and hollow models. The cement blocks can be placed in between the rods before concreting in accordance with the slab thickness. The spacing between the filling and blocks should be done properly by a qualified engineer. Cement blocks are cheaper than concrete filling and can save a lot of expenditure on construction. 

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (ACC) are available nowadays which are light weight and affordable, and are usually called as Aerocon or Siporex blocks. When compared to normal blocks, such autoclaved blocks have only one-third density and are better thermal insulators and also good sound and water barriers. These are eco-friendly and are a very effective in nonconventional approach. 

The use of concrete blocks may seem an insignificant change but it does bring in lot of change to the building as a whole. Builders should try employing such eco-friendly initiatives which is cost effective, and at the same time provides many advantages to the building as a whole.

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