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5 decorating tricks for your bedroom

While you're busy decorating the living and dining rooms, as they're most susceptible to public viewing, that much used abode that you call bedroom often goes ignored. Till the time you have a pretty bedroom, you'll never know how it feels to get back to paradise after a long tiring day. Here are five handy ideas you can use to decorate your bedroom:

The headboard

One very versatile thing in your bedroom is the headboard and you'll be surprised at what a difference a good headboard can make. Customize the headboard to suit your tastes. It could be a rustic looking piece of driftwood or a more elaborate vintage looking one. Whatever it is, let it blend in with the rest of your home decor and you have a statement piece for your bedroom.


Wallpapers can instantly brighten up your room and give it an all new look. You could choose a lovely, patterned wallpaper that goes with the rest of the room and voila, you have a brand new looking room. This might be a slightly more inflexible option though as a wallpaper cannot be changed very frequently.

Art gallery

You need not go around burning a hole in your pocket picking expensive artwork for your room. Simply frame photographs of your most memorable moments and trips and place them at different levels on your bedroom wall to create a personal space that also looks like a fancy art gallery.

Bed accessories

The highlight of a bedroom is of course, the bed. So let the attention be there. Bring in some fresh throw pillows in eclectic colors and patterns, play around with the bedspreads, introduce a new piece of art on the bedside table. Not only is this extremely doable, but also can be changed anytime you get bored of it.


Most times, a good rug can make all the difference in a room. Choose a rug that goes with the personality of the house. It could be a lovely Persian rug or one with Indian prints. Whatever the case, your rug should make a statement, and it's bound to change the look and feel of your bedroom.
These simple to execute ideas will surely leave your bedroom looking fresh and chic. What's more, you can personalize them to whatever extent you deem fit.

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