Monsoon Decors Worth Waiting for

At Malles we make sure all Perumbakkam new projects and other projects in the city have good scope for decoration and personalisation. Our new apartments in Perumbakkam are one of a kind in the area and you should definitely check it out! 

Neutral upholstery
Using a solid colour for upholstery may seem boring but it’s the easiest way to create the illusion of space. A solid sofa is also easier to dress up with colourful cushions and throws a multi-coloured and printed piece.

Single accent piece
One attention-grabbing piece is enough in a room. It could be a stunning crystal chandelier, a wacky sofa or a rustic bar, whatever works for you. But any more than one takes away from the potential of the other.

Super-sized art
Forget the worries about the right spacing and gridlines that usually accompany a series of six or nine prints. One large piece of artwork adds more drama and creates greater impact than several smaller pieces.

Doors as Mirrors
Installing a full-length mirror on the inside of the door  in a bedroom or guest room gives you the illusion of more space, and can even let you do without the conventional dresser.

Using nooks and corners
What seems like awkward corners can often be a blessing in disguise. A seating built in by a window can give you a reading nook. A floor-to-ceiling corner shelf is the best way to use a dead space while a room with scant storage options will do well with shelves above the lintel or door level.

Style every shelf and table
It may not seem like much but styling and placing your artefacts and knick-knacks properly can give your spaces a refined touch. Think of each coffee table and book shelf as a small vignette and style accordingly.

Use curtains in the best possible way

Curtains do more than providing privacy and keeping the sun out. They also alter our perception of space. Try hanging up your curtains high up on the walls and going for full-length drapes for maximum impact. Sheers work better than velvet or other thick materials as they take lesser space. Roman blinds free up more visual space.

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