Having a Pleasant Tea time

There are many new apartments in Perumbakkam and the whole OMR stretch to meet the needs of real estate in the area.

Tea time is a time of relaxation for many. We give you great ideas for having a pleasant tea time at your home!

With a multitude of designs and options, coffee tables have evolved to be much more than the purpose they were originally designed for.

Call them teapoys, centre tables or coffee tables, as they have been known of late. There was a time when teapoys were all about decor. Made of the best teak-wood, usually with curved legs and carved with decorative motifs, these beautifully detailed pieces were the highlight of every living room. Today, they have risen far above their mere decorative purpose.

A coffee table usually acts as the binding factor for most living rooms. If a room is heavily decorated, the coffee table can be a simple, yet a classy addition that serves its purpose.

While traditional wooden furniture is still very popular due to its sturdy and long-lasting qualities, people have become more open to experimentation and don't mind veering away from the traditional wood tables.

However, with shrinking homes, the functionality and flexibility of any kind of furniture often takes precedence over the aesthetics of the piece. Many people are leaning towards customisations. The reason this trend is catching on is that one can get unique designs made and even add certain personal details to the piece for almost half the price quoted in big furniture stores.

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