Building it bold

The homes and flats in Chennai have been constructed with care by many top builders in Chennai to satisfy the needs of their buyers. Here are few bold ideas for home decorations to help you make your home look better.
Play with artwork
Artwork doesn’t have to always hang at eye level from the walls. Think of displaying it differently. Lean a large frame against the wall, place one on the edge of the table, spread small pieces on the bookshelf and hang a piece you love on the back of the door.
Paint the floor
Forget bringing home a new rug. All you need to do is paint the floor! Stencil a design or use masking tape to draw off sections. 
Opt for high-gloss lacquer paint
Create instant drama by giving a piece of furniture in the living/dining room a coat of high-gloss lacquer paint. The sheen and shine will ensure that this old item, be it a sideboard, end table or bar trolley, is the cynosure of the eyes.
Make over the ceiling
The easiest way to add a bold touch to any room is by painting the ceiling with a bright and eye-catching colour. Emerald green, fuchsia pink, aqua blue and coral red for few of the good choices available.
Ensure that you pick a colour that complements the room decor to avoid a decor disaster.
Add memories to the cabinets
Print out old family and other photographs on thick glossy paper and create collages on the overhead cabinets at the kitchen. You might have something interesting to look at while you’re waiting for the milk to boil, isn’t it?

Mix and match
Make bold choices to mix and match with élan. Pair animal print pillows with floral, checks with stripes, bold colours with subdued prints, vintage with contemporary, modern with antique just do what you would be comfortable with.

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